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We endeavour to provide you with the most accurate valuation of your property based on our extensive knowledge and experience of the local property market. Whatever your purpose is in requesting a valuation, you can rely of our confidential, professional service, delivered in a prompt and timely manner.  Call the office today or contact us through the website if you require assistance with any of the following

Your solicitor will request a valuation confirming the value of a property at the date of death of a family member.
HSE Fair Deal Scheme
Required by the HSE when a family member who is a property owner may need full time nursing home care
Property Tax
Confirmation requested by Revenue or your accountant to establish the open market value of your property on a specific date
Property Transfer
Valuation of an asset for Inheritance Tax purpose
Family Law
Required in the event of separation or divorce

Making a Will
Valuation of assets to assist property inheritance decisions
Site Valuation
Establishing the value of land for the purpose of development
Commercial Valuation
This may entail valuation for mortgage, rental, lease renewal or transfer
Residential Valuation
To determine the current open market value of a property for purpose of sale, insurance or transfer

The insurance company which holds the Professional Indemnity Insurance cover for Horgan Properties is:
A.I.G. Europe Limited        Policy number:   RP134980

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